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Carolyn Gibson & Victoria Gibson-ClarkeCarolyn Gibson, founder of Weigh In Slimming Club, which are now the Kiwi KISS Slimming Clubs, and author of ten best selling books, has achieved a weight loss of 28 kilos and kept that weight off now for over 25 years.

Carolyn is married with one daughter Victoria. Born in Auckland, Carolyn has travelled extensively in England, Ireland and Europe and also lived in Tahiti for 4 years and American Samoa for 3 years. Living overseas, especially in the 1970s, introduced her to many foods and meals that were unavailable in New Zealand at that time.

In 1989 Carolyn enrolled at Auckland University and graduated with a double major in Psychology and Education degree. She achieved the Senior Education Prize in two consecutive years.


Victoria Gibson-ClarkeVictoria Gibson-Clarke may have had what seemed an advantage in being Carolyn Gibson's daughter but it didn't make losing the weight any easier (see Achievements).

Victoria lost a total of 26 kilos in one year after finally reaching the point where she understood that in order to achieve something you have to first take responsibility for yourself.

People often comment to Victoria how lucky she is to be so slim. Her reply is simple:

"I am this size because I worked hard to achieve my goal and had to make many personal and behavioural changes - now that I am at my goal I value what I have achieved and am prepared to work just as hard to maintain it".

Victoria is a qualified Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer. She co-authored the Kiwi KISS Workout book and also the newly released Kiwi KISS All Seasons Cookbook.


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